Food Safety

Persevere Produce is committed to providing customers with safe, high quality produce. Our produce is grown, harvested, cooled, stored, and shipped following strict food safety requirements. Our growers across the country go above and beyond the LGMA (Leafy Greens Marketing Agreements in CA and AZ), FSMA and FDA guidance documents

Persevere GAPs (Good Agricultural Practices) include areas such as:

  • Annual Third Party GFSI audit certification
  • Land history review to ensure land has not been used as a feedlot, toxic waste dump, etc.
  • Pre-Season and Pre-Harvest Risk Assessments are performed by trained personnel, covering topics such as:
    • Planting areas (no animal activity/ foreign materials/ other contaminants)
    • Adjacent land use
    • Irrigation systems
    • Soil Amendments
  • Monthly irrigation water testing to ensure generic E. coli results meet LGMA/ customer standards
  • Pre-harvest pathogen testing is performed per customer requirements
  • Harvesting practices
  • Equipment and cooler sanitation
  • Post-harvest water standards
  • Cooling and storage requirements
  • Shipping requirements
    • Temperature requirements
    • Trailer Sanitation
    • Produce traceability

Persevere food safety practices continuously evolve as new science becomes available.